At Primeau Law, we work to empower our clients through confident and well-informed staff, progressive and innovative standards, and strong feminist legal representation.

Our winners have all managed to hit the key goals of this award:  finding a creative and thoughtful way to create and promote equality for women in a tangible way, relating directly to our firm’s mission.


2020 : Kiley Sims


Kiley Sims’ submission immediately stood out this year as a front-runner for our award. One of our key interests is to find substantive obstacles to equality that students can work toward overcoming themselves. Kiley’s submission outlined a tangible problem within the publicity and marketing of women’s sports in a secondary institution. She provided context and clearly outlined the problem. She then outlined a very clear way of addressing the obstacle to conquer the obstacle and help solve this problem. Excellent submission, Kiley!

Please take the time to look at this Powerpoint Presentation. Kiley has a fantastic achievement-oriented attitude, and we cannot wait for updates on this venture! Go get them, Kiley!

Kiley Sims – Powerpoint Submission

2019 : Bridget Chiasson

BridgetChiasson_PhotoBridget Chiasson’s submission stood out to us for a handful of reasons. Bridget provided the reader with a big picture idea, but then was able to narrow down the problem to a section of her own life, which further proved that Bridget’s issue is happening in our own lives. Further, Bridget provided a well-thought out blueprint for promoting gender inclusion in both a micro and macro environment, which presented us with how we can start to promote a change.

Please take the time to read this article. Bridget has the perspective of a new generation, our future to a new world of feminism, and we are excited to be a part of her journey.

Read Bridget’s Submission Here!