In Memory of Patti Szostak

Unfair gender-discriminatory practices including discrimination, underestimation, harassment and violence, create obstacles and barriers to women thriving professionally.

The Primeau Law Future of Feminism Award seeks to inspire and reward students of all genders, backgrounds, and scholarship who find creative and thoughtful ways of creating and promoting equality for women.

In short…

WHO: You need to live here, all genders welcome, you’re graduating
WHAT: Identify a barrier to gender equality, make a plan to change it, document your plan
WHEN/WHERE: Submit to Primeau Law by June 1
HOW: The most achievable, detailed and creative plan will be awarded $1000.00

A little more detail….


You need to live here: Deep River, Laurentian Hills, Head, Clara & Maria, Rapides des Joachimes

All genders welcome: Girls, Boys, Non-binary

You are planning on post-secondary advancement: College, University, Apprenticeship, Professional Course, Internship, … other plans? Enlighten us!

Grades don’t matter – as long as you’re graduating!


1. Identify ONE (just one!) barrier to gender equality 

There are tonnes of barriers to achieving gender equality – particularly in the professional realm. We need you to think of one.

…Drawing a blank? Here:

2. Make a Plan

Now start thinking. How can we make this barrier less of a barrier. Nobody expects you to eliminate the barrier all on your own – we want you to think of what WE (Deep River & Area residents, Canadians, the World) can do to make that barrier a little better.

To take an example OUTSIDE of gender equality : if we wanted to affect climate change, we could start by reducing carbon emissions. To make a plan to reduce carbon emissions, we might start locally, at a school level, by calculating our school’s footprint, seeing how the school could make improvements, make a list of the 5 most feasible changes the school could make and provide this list to the school.

The plan needs to be detailed and achievable. Bonus points if you are able to and do, in fact, start the plan off by doing a first step yourself!

3. Present your Big Idea

Take the idea that you have come-up with it and document your idea however you would like. Really.

Being a little outdated, we have come-up with a few fun ways you might want to present your idea: a Prezi, a YouTube video, a video game, a collection of Vines, a Podcast, a Painting, a video’d interpretive dance, an Essay, an Opinion Column. ANYTHING.

We need to be able to view it and review it, so in-person presentations won’t really work (maybe video tape them?)

From your media, we need to get an idea of the detail of the plan and why you think it is achievable. If what you have chosen is not obvious, you can include an explanation letter outlining why the plan is detailed and how it is achievable.


You will submit your Creative Application to Primeau Law either (a) by e-mail to or (b) in person to our office.

Your Creative Application must

  1. Include a cover page with 4 things:  Name, School, Address, Graduating Year
  2. Be accompanied by your media (obviously) and
  3. Be received by JUNE 1, 2020 by Primeau Law.


We will review all of the applications and determine the Award based on the detail of the plan, how achievable the plan is (if you have done one step of your plan, that will impress us) and how creative the plan is.

IN the case of a tie (and only where there is a tie), we will look to the quality of the presentation media itself.

The winner will be awarded $1000.00 toward their college, University, professional course, apprenticeship, of choice for 2020.


We don’t have any FAQs yet… but we are happy to answer any questions you have! Please direct any questions to!

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